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Rebecca Unz


Sensibelchen / Projektionsflächen

Exhibition view, Rebecca Unz, “Sensibelchen / Projektionsflächen“, 2022, © Andrew Phelps


The protagonists in Rebecca Unz’s portrait series “Sensibelchen“ come from the photographer’s circle of friends in the Graz hip-hop scene. Deliberately refraining from depicting all the popular attributes, accessories and clothing that make up this subculture of music, dance and lifestyle, Rebecca Unz chooses the narrowest possible image detail and concentrates the view on the faces.

Rebecca Unz, “Pascal“, from the series: “Sensibelchen“, 2018 – 2019


The series “Projektionsflächen“ is a deconstruction of the process of taking portraits. Rebecca Unz does not try to reveal anything about the subject, but projects her vision or idea onto the sitter, similar to a screen, to create a visual play with light, sound, pose and surface.

Rebecca Unz, “Schultern in Elasthan mit Blume II“, 2021, Pigment Print, 50 x 72 cm