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Sharing a New Vision


Derek Bennet, Heinz Cibulka, Thomas J. Cooper, Joan Fontcuberta, Verena von Gagern, Paul Hill, Dieter Hinrichs, Eikoh Hosoe, Rolf Koppel, Friedl Kubelka, Branko Lenart, Thomas Lüttge, William Messer, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Floris Neusüss, Philippe Salaün, Roberto Salbitani, Walter Schels, Wilhelm Schürmann, Borek Sousedik, Doug Stewart, Chotoku Tanaka


With this selection of photographers who have taught at Salzburg College over the past 10 years, FOTOHOF points to an institution that has quietly enriched the Austrian photography scene with its continuous, high-quality educational program. As a private institution, Salzburg College is primarily aimed at American students, who spend a semester or at most an academic year here.
Embedded in a »Studium Generale«, the photography program consists of two main areas of study: »Documentary Photography« and »Concepts of European Photography«. Encounters with European photographers in the form of workshops form the second important aspect of the program. These workshops are also open to those interested in photography from outside. The College Gallery, the oldest photo gallery in Salzburg, is used to present the work of the respective workshop leader.
from: FOTOHOF Info, issue 2+3/1985