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The Graham Nash Collection


The Graham Nash Collection is the product of a collector who started out as an amateur. He is the well-known member of the folk group »Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young«, who began collecting relatively randomly out of love for photography, but with the financial means to do so. Curator Graham Hobe put together an exhibition from this jumbled mix that was primarily oriented towards visual aspects of the motifs and formal structure rather than historical or geographical contexts. The result is an insight into the range of photography: it extends from the anonymous amateur photograph of Marilyn Monroe to the artistically significant portrait of Gloria Swanson. This exhibition, which is based on scattered individual images in the form of high-quality prints, allows confrontations of this kind and thus provides important impulses for understanding photography.
from: Kurt Kaindl, FOTOHOF Info, issue 3+4/1987

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