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Titten und Fritten GesmbH


Birgit Knop, Martin Schmitz and Urs Eberle are young and full of electricity, living on the GDR border, in a part of Germany where many paths run dead. These young Germans live together and live the things they found insurmountable. This had to be expressed.
They do this with a means that is quickly recognizable: slides. They photograph each other, the fried eggs in the pan they prepare, the jokes they make and the underground parking garage scenes they pose. There are thousands of slides from which a show was created. But the slides alone were not enough, they created a reality that was too mundane. So they began to draw, scratch and paint on the slides. More and more, the pictures became what they were actually interested in.
The three see themselves as a company, a limited liability company founded in 1981, a company that produces fantasy. The pictures are wild, almost perverse, but bursting with youthfulness. At first impression, they are chaotic photos, but then we discover, conjecture and fantasize.
from: Johan De Vos, FOTOHOF Info, issue 1/1983