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Viele Schöne Bilder


Sepp Dreissinger, Gottfried Goiginger, Peter Haas, Dieter Huber, Rainer Iglar, Kurt Kaindl, Klaus Peter Knoll, Fritz Lorber, Michael Mauracher, Hanns Otte, Pilo Pichler, Werner Schnelle, Stefan Zenzmaier


As you know, this year marked the 150th anniversary of photography worldwide. After what we consider a very ambitious annual programme, we are pleased to offer a forum for local photography with this exhibition, especially in the anniversary year. “Viele Schöne Bilder” (Many Beautiful Pictures), a title that is not at all ironic but on the contrary self-confidently meant, brings together exclusively works by Salzburg photographers and artists. In addition to presenting Austrian and international authors, it has always been a concern of ours to show Salzburg photographers since the gallery was founded in 1981. We believe that this exhibition offers a largely complete overview of the local scene.