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Contemporary Photography from Hungary


Andrász Balla, Arpád Fákó, Péter Forgács, Tibor Hajas, István Halas, Lászlo Lugosi-Lugo, Jószef Rosta, Janos Szerencsés, Lenke Szilágyi, Tibor Várnagy, Attila Vécsy, János Vetö, Tibor Zátonyi, Barta Zsolt


This exhibition of contemporary Hungarian photography has a long history. In spring 1986, the FOTOHOF showed xerographs by Péter Forgács. This made it possible to establish initial contacts with the Hungarian photography scene and to start planning the exhibition. Photographers were invited to submit samples of their work, which were viewed at the »Foto und Text« symposium in March 1987. In this way, an exhibition concept took shape that was oriented towards avant-garde art, the border areas of photography and the work of younger photographers in the country.

The exhibition also includes two works by the late action artist and photographer Tibor Hajas. This expansion was necessary, as numerous Hungarian photographers refer directly to his work. János Vetö, Janos Szerencsés and Tibor Zátonyi, for example, took photographs during his actions. The exhibition concept in Salzburg is thus based on a focus on artistic, actionist and conceptual photography. This was a conscious decision, which is to be understood as a counterpoint to the otherwise often communicated social documentary character of photography from the Eastern Bloc countries.
from: Kurt Kaindl, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1988

Curated by Péter Forgács, Kurt Kaindl