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Opening: ANTI/BODY + Birnbaum & Harsieber

> 08.08.2024 7:00 PM

With ANTI/BODY, FOTOHOF brings together artistic positions that use the body as a concrete tool to create narratives and images that defy clear categorization in an existing system established by a »dominant view« (of whatever kind). With Claudia Holzinger, Leon Höllhumer, Kai Kuss, Xenia Lesniewski, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Sophia Süßmilch and Sarah Tasha, contemporary artists have been invited who use their respective artistic practices as a strategic means of symbolic and explicit self-assertion and in this way resolutely oppose the patriarchal reason that still comes to us today from the Enlightenment with its trail of suffering of the excluded, the split off, the marginalized, the destroyed and the repressed.
Exhibition run: 09.08 – 28.09.24

Claudia Holzinger, aus der Serie: »Coming of Age Wear«, Baden-Baden, 2019

Lilian Birnbaum, Heidi Harsieber

With photo series by Lillian Birnbaum and Heidi Harsieber, the FOTOHOF>STUDIO presents collaborations that these two artists created in the 1980s with fellow artists who were active in the field of Actionism. In line with the concept of the FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE, we have worked with the two photographers to republish early projects, which are now difficult to access, as part of the archive and in some cases reworked them in order to make them available again for the art discourse.
Exhibition run: 09.08 – 28.09.24

Lillian Birnbaum, aus der Serie: »Der Selbstmensch von Günter Brus«, Greisbach, 1987
Heidi Harsieber, »Probe im Keller zum 3 Tage Spiel Hermann Nitsch«, Prinzendorf, 1984