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Ulrike Lienbacher

Ulrike Lienbacher - Kartenhaus




Ulrike Lienbacher’s new book is all about looking at the naked body. The title goes back to a found postcard – we see a pin-up girl on a bed, obviously musing to herself in a pensive pose – the title is nude, pensive. Lienbacher’s artist’s book reflects on nudity from many sides – as a primordial motif in art history in the new card house pictures and photos from the Akademie’s nude drawing room, to the (naked) body as an object for the pornographic gaze. The rich volume contains new drawings, unpublished photographic works – a block of b/w photos of body studies, museum scenes, still lifes and interiors.

Ulrike Lienbacher,* 1963 in Oberndorf, Austria Austria. Lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg.

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