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Lena Baloch - bruch stück

bruch stück


Fragments of a Scattered Memory

In her extensive series bruch stück, Lena Baloch works on images of inner worlds that are commonly difficult to visualize and are also often hidden. She self-confidently deals with social regulations that leave no room for devia- tions from the norm. bruch stück is a complex photographic group of works that makes the widespread phenomenon of a depressed perception of the world tangible with the means of photography.
Along her own past, Lena Baloch reflects on experiences of depression. Her imagery photographically explores the burden of memory difficulties, a suicide attempt, and perceptual shifts of depressive states. Depression detaches memories from their temporal location and leaves gaps. The design of the images is adapted to this mode of remembering – flashlike, blurred, discontinuous – at any rate fleeting.
Memories of places, events and feelings combine with images of the imagination. What remains is a kaleidoscopic structure consisting of fragments of her own identity.

Lena Baloch, *1994, lives and works in Graz, Austria.

27.5 × 21 cm,172 Pages
119 Colour images
Edition: 350
Design: Lena Baloch
ISBN: 978-3-903334-51-9


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