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Gerhard Rühm

Gerhard Rühm - Coole Serie in Memoriam

Coole Serie in Memoriam


As their most radical “concrete poet”, Rühm (with H.C. ARTMANN and K. BAYER) attempted a theoretical definition of the position of the Viennese group, partly in recourse to the avant-garde of Expressionism and Surrealism; his own work is very heterogeneous. Both acoustic and graphic elements enter into the lyric poetry. The dramatic works move on the border to the happening. Rühm influenced the development of the new radio play through numerous innovative acoustic works that replace conventional role-playing with linguistic and noisy sound events. 1978-83 President of the GRAZER AUTORENVERSAMMLUNG; 1991 Grand Austrian State Prize for Literature.

Gerhard Rühm, *1930 in Vienna, Austria.

17 × 24 cm,28 Pages
22 Colour images

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-02-3


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