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Mario Wezel

Mario Wezel - Das Ende der Unsterblichkeit

Das Ende der Unsterblichkeit


A year full of changes, existential questions and fears: the first year of age of a child, the first year as a father. Mario Wezel captures what meets his eye and soul in his new role as a father: sparks of a bonfire, jellyfish, a diaper hanging on the clothesline. Images that tell about a modified contemplation of the world, about a softness and a slower pace, about memories on ones own childhood. But also about bitter reminiscing on the lost freedoms, about the modified relationship to ones partner and parents and the search for home. Moments and places are charged with symbolism by taking them into the context of this early life. Fourteen Texts from the same period, extracted from the authors diary, accompany the book in an additional booklet. The work also builds a bridge to the following work “A Domestic Kingdom (On 86 Square Meters)”, a nine-piece Super8 video installation. Wezel dissects the daily life as a nuclear family in the first year of age of his second child: the detailed contemplation of life within one‘s own four walls in contrast to the look outside the window, where the world is doing business as usual. Still images from those short sequences pop up on full bleed pages.

Mario Wezel, *1988 in Nürtingen; lives and works in Hannover.

2023,Hardcover linen
24.3 × 19.6 cm,142 Pages
71 Colour images
Edition: 500
HG: Fotohof
Text: Mario Wezel
Design: ItYt, Melanie Rosenauer, Kiriakoula Kremantzouli
ISBN: 978-3-903334-67-0


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