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Jean-Baptiste Ganne

Jean-Baptiste Ganne - Das illustrierte Kapital

Das illustrierte Kapital


„The illustrated Capital“ of Jean-Baptiste Ganne refers to the thesis on society and economics by Karl Marx. With documentary photography, sometimes being close to a magical realism, Ganne examines selected quotes by the philosopher regarding their contemporary validation. The artists uses the political as well as the poetic strengths of photography and finds remarkable visual confirmations to the texts of the most political book ever. With approximately 50 images Jean-Baptiste Ganne creates a cool panorama out of episodes and subjects from our – capitalistic – world.

Jean-Baptiste Ganne, *1972 in Gardanne, France. Lives and works in Nizza and Amsterdam.

18 × 18 cm,96 Pages
47 Colour images
Edition: 900
Text: Karl Marx

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-40-5


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