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Uta Kögelsberger

Uta Kögelsberger - FOREST COMPLEX



As part of the INN SITU series, photographers focus on the Tyrol/Vorarlberg region.

Uta Kögelsberger deals with the social and political effects of climate change. For her INN SITU project, she focuses on the protective function of the forest in Tyrol. She observes the continuous cycle of attempts to protect our forests while at the same time we relentlessly contribute to their destruction.
Uta Kögelsberger lives in London and California. Her media are photography, video and sculpture.
Her works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles and the Millard Sheets Art Center in Pomona, California, among others. Kögelsberger was awarded the prestigious Royal Academy Wollaston Award. She is Professor of Fine Arts at Newcastle University, England.

22.5 × 16 cm,144 Pages
∞ Colour images
∞ B/W images
Edition: 500
HG: Hans-Joachim Gögl, BTV Stadtforum Innsbruck
Text: Hans-Joachim Gögl, Boaz Levin, Uta Kögelsberger, Marcus Verhagen

Language: English, German

Design: Studio Mut, Nadine Curanz, Martin Kerschbaumer, Thomas Kronbichler, Anni Seligmann
Published in the series: Inn Situ
ISBN: 978-3-903334-73-1


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