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- Fototechnika

Caroline Heider, Ruth Horak, Claudia Rohrauer, Lisa Rastl (Hg)



Is photographic technology masculine? How does its history change when written from a female perspective? Can photo technology be gendered? Yes! When tech-savvy female artists bring digital and analogue workflows into the picture, take the camera fetish literally, when they make 3D-modelled body fragments appear out of thin air, produce autoradiographs with samples of radioactive mineral pitchblende or stage equilibrium studies after Lucia Moholy. What images emerge when technology is the motif and its authors are female?

FOTOTECHNIKA is a book that is both artistic and scientific, theoretical and erotic, sensual and factual at the same time. It contains artistic and theoretical contributions on techniques of seeing, the camera fetish, reproduction, women and the early days of photography, role models in photo manuals and much more. In addition, a look at media history shows what the relationship between women and photographic technology was really like and which clichés persist to this day.

The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition FOTOTECHNIKA II at the FOTOHOF, Salzburg, 30 March to 20 May 2023.

30.5 × 22 cm,112 Pages
152 Colour images
16 B/W images
Edition: 500
Text: Ulrike Matzer, Caroline Heider, Claudia Rohrauer, Franz Thalmair, Katharina Steidl, Ruth Horak
ISBN: 978-3-903334-55-7


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