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Anja Manfredi

Anja Manfredi - Gesture and Analog Photography

Gesture and Analog Photography


The works of Anja Manfredi are, time and again, explorations of the gesture and the moving body. Her interests lie in sounding out the relationship between conscious staging and natural everyday gestures that are inseparably linked to our (cultural) codes of behaviour and norms. Bodies are ‘an embodying of possibilities both condi-tioned and circumscribed by historical conventions’ (Judith Butler). The concept of the historical refers to the changeability of conventions, to the fact that different concepts of bodies and body perceptions manifest themselves in different historical epochs and cultural contexts. So how can thought made lucid as a gesture becomes materialised, as for example in photography?

21 × 15.5 cm,120 Pages
Edition: 500
Text: Anja Manfredi, Jürgen Tabor
Design: Atelier Liska Wesle, Wien, Berlin
, Atelier Liska Wesle, Wien, Berlin

ISBN: 978-3-903334-12-0


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