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Cora Pongracz

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Cora Pongracz is one of the extraordinary women photographers of her generation. Her work consists mostly of portraits. She uses time as a fleeting, transitory moment which she emphasizes by the principle of the series. She portrays a person in different situations and interactions with herself, but nevertheless, remains in the background. The interaction is between the camera and the person being photographed. She mainly photographs people of her personal surroundings which in the sixties and seventies were people of the Viennese art and literature scene.

Cora Pongracz, *1943 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. †2003 in Vienna, Austria.

24 × 16.5 cm,128 Pages
140 B/W images
Edition: 1200
Text: Reinhard Priessnitz, Maren Richter, Ferdinand Schmatz

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-20-7


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