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Joyce Rohrmoser

Joyce Rohrmoser - Rent a Foreigner

Rent a Foreigner


For a number of years, China has stood not just for the mass production and export of cheap industrial projects, but also the import of European luxury goods. The target group is the country’s ever-expanding middle-classes.
The concept of ‘rent-a-laowai’ (‘laowai’ is Chinese for ‘foreigner’) refers to the policy by which Chinese companies commission foreigners to attend their events. Joyce Rohrmoser herself was employed as
a ‘laowai’ by the Chinese company that bought up her own family’s fur company in Italy; in 2015 and 2016, she took part, in China, in various openings of new outlet centres for luxury goods ‘made in Italy’. Inspired by designer Donatella Versace, she put on high heels and glamorous garments to perform her ‘rent-a-foreigner’ role. In that role as the daughter of her father’s former fur company she attended store openings and press conferences for local television and press agencies, explaining to business directors and sales staff how luxury and status symbols in Italy are defined and identified.

Joyce Rohrmoser, *1954 in Milan, Italy. Lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.

28 × 20.9 cm,116 Pages
81 Colour images
30 B/W images
Edition: 700
Text: Karl-Markus Gauß

Language: English, German

Design: Christian Wachter
ISBN: 978-3-902993-86-1


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