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With Romania the European Central Bank continues its inventory of artistic photography in the 27 EU member states. A stellar jury selected ten items from the nominated submissions for the annually presented ECB Photography Award and showcased the results to the general public at an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest in 2010. Besides internationally acclaimed positions such as those of Iosif Király, the catalogue offers a timely overview of Romania’s photography scene, which is virtually unknown in the West. Here a young generation of photographers makes refreshing use of a variety of image-finding strategies, be it with documentary or experimental stylistic means. With an introduction by Mihai Oroveanu on the history of photography in Romania and an analysis by Martin Hochleitner of the works by the award winners.

Shortlisted candidates are: Tudor Prisacariu, Bogdan Croitoru, Radu Constantin Ilea, Silviu Ghetie, Ioana Cirlig, Carmen Obreja and Ufo Zoltan Egyed.

30 × 24 cm,145 Pages
Text: Martin Hochleitner, Mihai Oroveanu

Language: English, Romanian

ISBN: 978-3-902675-37-8


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