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Franz Bergmüller - Studio Stills

Studio Stills


Austrian artist Franz Bergmüller, a spiritual grandson of Karl Valentin, is the creator of funny machines shown off as interactive photo images and often he himself appears as an actor as iconic figure in these plays. Bergmüller’s surprising surrealistic sceneries have this well tempered dadaistic mood in meditating on existentialistic questions on what the world keeps moving – straight flat jokes with good deadpan humor and a double bottom. Bergmüller focuses on the studio as the mythic place of inspiration and production. The book is a journey through this space in 50 images, of course meetings with works of the artist are included.

Franz Bergmüller,* 1966 in Hüttau, Austria. Lives and workes in Salzburg, Austria.

21 × 30 cm,93 Pages
50 B/W images
'+ 1 Original-Farbfoto am Backcover
Edition: 500
Text: Hildegard Fraueneder

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-902675-72-9


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