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Peter Dressler

Peter Dressler - Tie Break

Tie Break


Growing egocentricity calls for more and more space, if possible in different places. A fantasy of omnipotence in which the protagonist uses the space for himself and tries to have control of it is created. These rooms are normally used by the public. In this sequence, however, the protagonist occupies and personalizes these rooms with his appearance and his clothes, as if he lived there all alone. The use of the whole room becomes natural. The sequence shows the process of the total acquisition of the room. In his exaggerated aesthetic enthusiasm the person playing tennis by himself becomes tragic and comic at once.

Peter Dressler, *1942 in Brașov/Kronstadt, Romania. † 2013 in Prague.

24 × 16 cm,22 Pages
14 Colour images
Edition: 400
ISBN: 978-3-901756-26-9


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