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Inge Morath


Durch Österreich


Since the beginning of her photographic career in the mid-1950s, Inge Morath has repeatedly photographed in her native Austria. It was often larger photo projects that took her to Vienna, such as a picture essay on the Danube, which was published as an illustrated book of the same name in 1995. In between, she visited her parents in Graz or numerous friends in Vienna, including many artists, whom she portrayed in their studios and flats during these visits. During this time, however, she also produced very private and personal pictures of Austria. She took a last larger work shortly before her death in connection with the television film “Border Spaces”. She visited the border region between Slovenia and Austria, where her ancestors came from.
While she was still alive, the plan arose to bring together these almost 50 years of photographic work in a large exhibition and illustrated book. The exhibition now includes important works from all these projects. Its content focuses on scenes from post-war Austria and everyday life in the 1960s and 1970s, on the morbid as well as transfigured Vienna with its originals such as the Fiaker and the head waiter. Another focus is on portraits of well-known writers and artists such as Fritz Wotruba or Barbara Frischmuth.

Inge Morath »Im Würstelprater«, aus der Serie: »Durch Österreich«, Wien, 1961, © Estate of Inge Morath
Inge Morath »Eingang zum Pfarramt«, aus der Serie: »Durch Österreich«, Schwechat, 1959, © Estate of Inge Morath