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Einführung in die Kunstgeschichte 3


Peter Dressler, Maria Hahnenkamp, Sigrid Kurz, Lisl Ponger, Katharina Mayer, Claudia Pilsl, Franz Kapfer, Timm Rautert, Dorothee Golz, Claudia Angelmaier, Klaus Scherübel, Edgar Honetschläger, Danica Dakic


The international group exhibition “Introduction to Art History” brings together a selection of current artistic works that deal directly with the representation of well-known examples of art history. The project shows photographs as well as a film and an installation in which concrete works of art from different epochs appear without any alteration or manipulation. They are clearly differentiated from forms of quotation in Pop Art, Arte Povera and Concept Art, from forms of reception of art by postmodernism in the 1980s and the significance of art history for the mnemosyne discussion in the 1990s.
As an investigation into an “art about art”, the exhibition is primarily interested in two questions: on the one hand, the relationship of the individual projects to the current discussion on the renaissance of iconography in contemporary art; on the other hand, the concrete concept associated with the presence of the historical artwork. The corresponding spectrum includes institutional and scientific criticism, the play with art-historical levels as well as the simultaneity of presentation, representation and reception of art. At the same time, the exhibition also addresses reception traditions of art historical practice by reflecting on concepts such as artistic originality , authorship, aura and status of a work of art.

Curated by Martin Hochleitner
In Kooperation mit Ursula Blicke Stiftung