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Leo Kandl


Free Portraits

Exhibition view, Leo Kandl, “Free Portraits”, 2010, © FOTOHOF

Leo Kandl has immersed himself in the genre of portrait photography for several decades, whereby he unites the conceptual documentary process with the subjectivity and individuality of the object.

In “Free Portraits” Kandl made contact with his models through newspaper advertisements. Cities such as Vienna, London, New York, Tehran, Moscow and Havana became the public backdrop for works that at times give the impression of being snapshots from the streets, or private photographs. Kandl’s style allows the observer to engage with the subject emotionally as the potentially tense meeting of two strangers in role play, the subject and photographer, produces images characterized by curiosity and an occasionally subtle, erotically charged atmosphere.

Guest speaker at the exhibition is Stefanie Hoch, Curator of the LANDESGALERIE LINZ.

Leo Kandl, “Sonja”, London, 2001, C-Print, 31 x 48 cm