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New York

Inge Morath, »Graffiti Artist«, 1998, Silvergelatine Print

With the exhibition “New York”, FOTOHOF is taking up a theme in the work of Inge Morath that has remained unpublished until now. Inge Morath has become known for her sensitive and comprehensive portrayal of large cultural areas. She has published major exhibitions and illustrated books on Russia, China, Spain or most recently on the Danube. One of her most important projects, for which she has more material than for any other place, is an exhibition and illustrated book on New York.
Very early and famous works, such as the llama in Times Square (1957) or the make-up class in a beauty salon on Fifth Avenue (1958) come from her first New York works. After her marriage to the American playwright Arthur Miller, New York was the centre of life for this artistic couple and the abundance of photographs taken during joint visits by artists such as Saul Steinberg or Luise Bourgeois is impressive. Time and again, parts of this work have been published, such as in an illustrated book on Saul Steinberg’s masks, the book “In the Country”, together with her husband Arthur Miller, and most recently, at the instigation of the Magnum / New York agency, a great insight into the artist scene of this metropolis. Although these pictures are probably among Inge Morath’s most published, large parts of her New York work are still completely unknown. With a book and an exhibition on New York, a central area of Inge Morath’s life and work is now becoming visible and a myriad of new pictures are being published for the first time.

Inge Morath, »Window Washer«, 1958, Silvergelatine Print
Inge Morath, »Lama«, 1957, Silvergelatine Print

The illustrated book with a text by Arthur Miller and a text by Wolfgang Hermann will be published by “Edition Fotohof im Otto Müller Verlag”. The exhibition will comprise about 130 photographs, the accompanying illustrated book will contain all the photographs and will be produced in the proven high quality of this series in German and English. For an artist like Inge Morath, who is already represented by numerous illustrated books and many exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout Europe, a new body of work that spans almost 50 years and will include some of her most legendary images as well as new and hitherto unpublished work is sure to meet with great public interest. This exhibition will combine Inge Morath’s artistic perspective with an extensive insight into the cultural and everyday life of New York, offering an exciting mix of the familiar and the new.