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Salzburg – An Artist’s View


Thomas J. Cooper, Verena von Gagern, Inge Morath, Otmar Thormann


Four internationally renowned photographers – Inge Morath (USA), Thomas Joshua Cooper (GB), Verena von Gagern (BRD) and Otmar Thormann (S) – were invited by the FOTOHOF and the Cultural Office of the City of Salzburg to make a work on the issue of Salzburg.
The works in this exhibition are four completely different photographic “visions” of the city of Mozart. They do not lead to the churches, squares and tourist attractions that are already included in various other books, but contain the views of this city from the perspective of four international Fotograf:innen.

Verena von Gagern

The German photographer Verena von Gagern traces different phases of architecture in Salzburg with her style, a very personal, subjective documentation.

Thomas J. Cooper

American-born, Glasgow-based Thomas Joshua Cooper has created an extensive body of photographic work in Scotland, exploring the mystique and magic of the mountains that surround Salzburg in both close and wide circles.

Otmar Thormann

Otmar Thormann, a native Austrian who has lived in Stockholm for 25 years, explores a kind of fluctuation between immediate urban documentation and artificial still lifes that show peculiar traces of Austrian and Salzburg society.

Inge Morath

Graz-born Inge Morath has lived in America since the 1950s, where she worked for the renowned Magnum photo agency after her first engagement as a photojournalist in post-war Salzburg. In the classic style of journalistic photography, she portrays people and everyday situations in the city.

In Kooperation mit Kulturamt der Stadt Salzburg