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Roger Palmer


TER MI NA TOR. a work in six parts.


Since the early 1980s, Roger Palmer has developed individual works with integrated text into multi-part groups of works and larger cycles that are conceived as installations for a specific exhibition space. »TER MI NA TOR. a work in six parts« was created for FOTOHOF and consists of six units, each with four tableaux and a title that is also incorporated into the space as a visual object.
The title refers to a historical term from astronomy that describes the dividing line between the dark and light sectors of the moon. The Latin root of the word also indicates a temporal process that develops into a calendar in the rhythm of the series of numbers.
»TER MI NA TOR« indicates a new development in Roger Palmer’s artistic work. For the first time, he uses numbers as visual signs, which are applied with white paint on a grid on a sheet of photographic paper that has been reworked several times. Diametrically opposed to the twelve sheets of numbers are photographic works showing individual tree stumps whose cut surfaces expose annual rings that reveal abrupt, vulnerable incisions.
from: Michael Mauracher, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1988


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