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Roger Palmer


Verlorene Schiffe (Lost Ships)


The British artist Roger Palmer, born in 1946, is showing his latest works at the FOTOHOF under the title “Lost Ships”. As could already be seen on the occasion of his first presentation in the gallery premises in 1988, Roger Palmer deals with image/text combinations, he seeks the synthesis of the photographic with the textual image. In addition to his photography, he incorporates painting and drawing (also worked directly onto the gallery wall) into his artistic process, exploring words and phrases of different languages as visual phenomena. The source material for his text works is “found material such as newspapers, maps, public notes. By changing the scale of the original texts (e.g. by enlarging them in the photocopying process) and the calligraphic realisation of the texts with the medium of drawing on paper or canvas they are transformed into autonomous art objects.
Another new work is his artist’s book “The Event Horizon”, which will be presented in a limited and signed edition at the exhibition.