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Otmar Thormann


Low Moral (1990) / Dreaming Dogs (1989/90)


Otmar Thormann, born in Graz in 1944, has been living in Stockholm as a freelance, artistically working photographer since 1965. Taking up the visual language of the famous Czech photographer Josef Sudek, he has since developed a very specific form of still life, which has been recognised in numerous international exhibitions and participations. In 1985 he received the prize for artistic photography from the Rupertinum in Salzburg and in last year’s highly acclaimed exhibition “Ptospect Photographie” at the Frankfurter Kunstverein he was represented with twenty works.
In the exhibition at the FOTOHOF, he presents two photo portfolios, each consisting of ten works, “Low Moral” and “Dreaming Dogs”, a completely new body of work that has not been shown or published before. The FOTOHOF has thus succeeded in bringing this important photographer back into the Austrian art scene.