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Inge Morath




Inge Morath is regarded as one of the most important female reportage photographers. Her cosmopolitan attitude, which has had a decisive influence on her life, has taken her around the world on reportages since the early 1950s. The retrospective at FOTOHOF is the first exhibition of her work in Salzburg.
»I did very few assignments. When I travel to a country, I prefer to be free and I never know what I will find. I always let myself be surprised. When I take portraits, I pay a lot of attention to what the people are doing, so I never photograph a writer I haven’t read about and never a painter whose work I haven’t seen, however abstract it may be. So I prepare myself, and I don’t like it when people set me any limits, because I don’t know what will ultimately interest me.«
from: Michael Mauracher in conversation with Inge Morath, FOTOHOF Info, issue 3/1982