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Guido Guidi


Col tempo

Exhibition view, Guido Guidi, “Col tempo“, 2018, © FOTOHOF

Guido Guidi draws upon various domains to fuel his work such as the history of painting, architecture and photography, etc. From contemporary architecture to Renaissance painting, through to Italian neorealism and conceptual art, Guido Guidi revisits themes such as landscape, portrait and still life with unprecedented visual agility. The title of the exhibition, “Col tempo“, is inspired by one of his lessons in which he establishes links, among others, between a portrait of Giorgione (“La Vecchia“,1506) and photographs by Walker Evans.
Time and light are key factors in photography, something that Guido Guidi describes as, “a sort of transformation from one thing to another, from tangible reality to fictional reality“. Working with repetitions and sequences, his images are emphatic, comprising to-ings and fro-ings and temporality. Guido Guidi’s “contrary“ photographs resist speech. They merge the enjoyment of construction with absorption of the photographic event.


Guido Guidi, “Ronta“, 2015, C-Print
Guido Guidi, “Fosso-Ghiaia“, 1971, Silver Gelatin Print

The exhibition “Col tempo“, presented at the Fondation A Stichting in Brussels in 2016, gathers a large number of images that are on view for the first time. Various period colour prints sit alongside black and white images selected from contact sheets that have been reconsidered by the artist for this exhibition. These square format images, dating from the 70s and 80s, mingle with a wide selection of colour contact prints produced using an 8×10 view camera. This format that he continues to favour today encourages him to slow down and be more grounded in the present moment.

Portrait: Guido Guidi, 2018, © Herman Seidl