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Library Info

The photography library of the FOTOHOF comprises approximately 16,000 book titles or catalogues, and its holdings are constantly being supplemented by new acquisitions. It is one of the most comprehensive libraries for photography and media art after 1945 in Austria. All titles are compiled online in a database. At present, we have subscriptions to 20 international art and photography journals. Computer workstations and free internet access for research are available to visitors in the FOTOHOF>BIBLIOTHEK.


Library Access

Use of the library is free of charge. It is a reference library, i.e. books and journals can be used on site, but not borrowed. This means that all publications are available at all times.
All books and journal articles are complied in a database, which can be accessed on the FOTOHOF website under Library>Catalogue. Two desktop workstations are available to visitors for research on the Internet and especially in the library catalogue. For longer-term research or for teaching purposes, we are happy to set up reference books. Copies and reproductions for academic purposes are also possible.



The FOTOHOF>BIBLIOTHEK is divided into eight sections: Monographs (I+II), Collected Volumes (III), History and Theory (IV), Technology and How to do (V), Special Publications (VI), Cultural Policy (VII), Auction Catalogues (VIII), Media Art (X). The respective shelfmark of a book is composed of the Roman numeral of the subject group, the three letters of the family name or title and a consecutive number (e.g. II Ger 4). A special feature of the FOTOHOF>BIBLIOTHEK is that not only the journals but also the individual articles from them are compiled in the database. If the shelfmark is preceded by a Z (e.g. SOU 121), it is a journal article.
The FOTOHOF>BIBLIOTHEK also has an extensive collection of exhibition catalogues, which are collected in slipcases due to their often small formats. If the shelfmark is preceded by a K (e.g. K III Por 7), it is a catalogue. The shelfmark H refers to books that are in a special location. In this case we ask you to contact our staff.


Contact & Visiting

The contact persons for the library are Pia Jakober and Birgit Sattlecker. For questions concerning the library, please send an email to: fotohof@fotohof.at

Inge-Morath-Platz 11 (directly opposite the gallery)
5020 Salzburg

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-6pm