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Ein Dorf wird (1952) – Revisited


Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher, Reinhart Mlineritsch, Hanns Otte, Andrew Phelps, Herman Seidl

Herman Seidl

Salzburg photographers from the FOTOHOF environment on the trail of a legendary book project by Stefan Kruckenhauser from the 1950s.
Stefan Kruckenhauser’s last and most modern photographic work on the development of a workers’ settlement in Kennelbach/Vorarlberg, published in the illustrated book “Ein Dorf wird…”, Salzburg: Otto Müller 1952, is the basis and inspiration for a contemporary examination by the photographers Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher, Reinhard Mlineritsch, Hanns Otte, Andrew Phelps and Herman Seidl.
For the first time, FOTOHOF will show the original artwork for this book of photographs by Stefan Kruckenhauser (1905 – 1988), which was still executed in copper intaglio. Based on this inspiration, the photographers have dealt with the subject and Kruckenhauser’s formal specifications and are presenting their own works in a group exhibition at FOTOHOF.
The exhibition is a homage to Stefan Kruckenhauser, who was also active in Salzburg for a long time, and whose status as one of the most important innovators of photography will still be on display in a large retrospective. As a result of the examination and processing of his archive in the Tyrolean art cadastre, a retrospective of Kruckenhauser’s work will be held immediately after the exhibition in FOTOHOF from 14 June to 5 October 2003 under the title “In wide lines…”. will be shown at the Stams Abbey Museum in Tyrol.

Stefan Kruckenhauser, 1950