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Fraglich Publishing


Verlage zu Gast N°1

Exhibition view, “Verlage zu Gast N°1: Fraglich Publishing“, 2021, © Rainer Iglar

The new format “Publishers as Guests“ presents dedicated international publishing programs in the studio gallery of the FOTOHOF>LIBRARY at irregular intervals.
Fraglich Publishing is a photo book publishing house initiated in 2007 by Vorarlberg photographer Lukas Birk. Some of the publications deal with photo archives created by Birk in countries such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan or China; the books are usually produced directly on site and sold at a price adapted there. Other book projects include historical themes or various forms and functions that photography takes on as socially relevant.

Chongqing Souvenir, “A little tale of Revolution, 1967-1968“, © Fraglich Publishing 2021