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Kurt Hörbst

Kurt Hörbst - 5070



At close range, photographer and father-to-be Kurt Hörbst accompanies his wife during her pregnancy with his large-format camera. The reportage-like images in various locations have an odd effect due to the slowness of the medium and show a quasi-filmic sequence that deals with questions of loneliness, uncertainty and anticipation, restlessness and serenity, curiosity, fear and pride. “5070” resolves itself as the weight of the newborn, in a colorful snapshot at the end of the book.

Kurt Hoerbst, *1972 in Apfoltern, Austria. Lives and works in Upper Austria.

24 × 30 cm,72 Pages
1 Colour images
28 B/W images
Edition: 350
Text: Alexandra Grill, Kurt Hörbst

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-902675-91-0


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