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Matthias Herrmann

Matthias Herrmann - A−Z



In his book A-Z, Matthias Herrmann sets utensils of professional photography – color filters, photographic paper and film boxes, analog film cassettes, lenses, etc. – by means of seductive studio light in scene. Here, the means of analog photographic imaging processes themselves make their last appearances as image protagonists: they have outlived their usefulness – color filters, for example, have long since lost their function with the advent of digital photography and are relics of a bygone era. With irony and wit, with peppiness and sexiness, but also with a touch of sentimentality, Matthias Herrmann turns those things into art motifs that have long defined the medium in its daily use.

Matthias Herrmann, *1963 in Munich, Germany.  Lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Riparbella, Italy.

2017,Hardcover, Leinen
22 × 16.5 cm,128 Pages
112 Colour images
3 Aquarelle von Sito Mújica
Edition: 800
HG: Matthias Herrmann
Text: Matthias Herrmann, AA Bronson (Gedicht)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-902993-49-6


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