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Mafalda Rakoš

Mafalda Rakoš - A Story to Tell, or: Regarding Male Eating Disorders

A Story to Tell, or: Regarding Male Eating Disorders


„You don’t really fit in… You don’t into the group of normal people, because you’re anorectic. And you don’t with those affected by anorexia, because you’re a man.“ Thomas, 21

The process always started with a conversation. What does it look like, your mental cage? What do you feel, see, think, hear, taste and smell? And where shall we go to take that picture of it?
For over a year, Mafalda Rakoš and Ruben de Theije accompanied eleven men affected by eating disorders. Through photography, text and drawings made by the protagonists, the authors aimed on reaching the heart of the men’s shocking experiences, revealing vulnerable conflicts between social expectations and big emotions; the stories they want to tell.

Mafalda Rakoš,*1994 in Austria. Lives and works between Vienna and Amsterdam.

27 × 20 cm,184 Pages
89 Colour images
Edition: 850
Text: Heike Bartel, Mafalda Rakoš, Ruben de Theije

Language: English, German

Design: Amir Avraham
ISBN: 978-3-903334-09-0


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