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Oswald Oberhuber


Extended Photography 2: Photographic Works


Oswald Oberhuber does a lot and many different things at the same time, and many people who find it too much because they can no longer recognize the common thread that runs through everything accuse him of this. But it isn’t that complicated. Oberhuber is a visual artist through and through in everything he does – in other words, he not only thinks about the images he creates as products, he also thinks in images, with the help of images and pictorial ideas. Robert Musil writes of a »sense of possibility« – Oswald Oberhuber has been given a good portion of this; and because he is a person who not only thinks pictorially, but also tests his thinking on paper and canvas, he can make the possible even more possible with the collages shown here, even helping it to achieve a kind of physical presence.
from: Ruedi Arnold, FOTOHOF Info, issue 2/1986