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Georg Winter


Ukiyo Camera Systems / Photographic Standards


The term “UKIYO CAMERA SYSTEMS” stands for Georg Winter’s “Development Office for Camera Technology and New Media”. Since 1990, Winter and his colleagues have been offering various cameras and video devices, including accessories, with “UKIYO CAMERA SYSTEMS”, with which the body posture can be made more precise in recording and perception situations. The products, most of which have a deep black design, are plastic objects made mainly of wood. The fact that “developments in the electronic field” have been “deliberately reduced” in all products that function according to the “UKIYO CAMERA SYSTEM”, which means that the monitors and cameras do not require complicated optics, no technological inner workings and no power supply, refocuses interest on the human body and the relationship it occupies to space.
The Ukiyo Camera technique questions the objective function of “camera” and thus circles the field of perception of space. The camera is only a tool to make visible the relationship between human, technology and perception. The material reproduction of image material is not the primary purpose. The recording process places high demands on the user, but leads to astonishing pictorial horizons and results.

On the opening evening, Georg Winter presented the UCS Golden Camera Award to Stefan Burger (Zurich/CH), for the block of works “Lost in Linz” and “Der schlafende Fotograf”.

Georg Winter
Georg Winter
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