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Iris Andraschek


Wait until the night is silent

Exhibition view, Iris Andraschek, “Wait until the night is silent“, 2015, © Rainer Iglar

Iris Andraschek’s “Wait until the night is silent“ is about the self-determined, alternative lifestyle of a group of people in Canada living in harmony with nature. The photographs taken in 2002 and 2010 alternate between reality and fiction. They depict an almost fairytale-like communitas as a utopian alternative to the constraints of industrial societies with their work, leisure and consumerist regimes. The series from 2002 was created during a residency in Durham, Ontario. The artist returned there in 2010 to complete this particular work and, now that a certain period of time had elapsed, once again photographed a number of the protagonists and the location itself. Iris Andraschek’s eponymous book is published by FOTOHOF>EDITION to coincide with the opening of the exhibition.
“Women and interiors, women and nature – the themes Andraschek has chosen to address in her Durham encounters are heavily laden. The archaic landscape, the forest, the water have inspired her to mythically charged artificiality. One can almost hear Satyr breathing as he emerges from the woodland, his sights set on the water nymphs.“ (Esther Kinsky)

Iris Andraschek, from the series: “Awake until the night is silent“, 2010, C-Print