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Manfred Willmann


Photographers from Styria 1: »Ich träume nie«


That you should always write (say) something about your photos.
For example, about my still lifes: it is true that these photos of still lifes are only a part of my photographic work, and some of these still lifes were what you could call key images for further work. It is therefore important that you hear this from me: that the picture “Vincent”, and also the photos that were taken in my parents’ house “Volkmarweg 36”, have shown me how each and every one of us deals with the things that we use and how we arrange our still lifes.
The still life “Vincent”, a picture found in private, shows how we deal with art (and with nature) in our time, in our sphere of life. Even at the risk of generalizing: a large part of the population that is open to art has never really dealt with art. That is why I do not believe that my picture “Vincent” will be understood by those who, for example, hang a reproduction of this still life of flowers by Vincent van Gogh on the wall of their front room. One result of understanding my photo would perhaps be to choose the photo instead of the picture. But that is surely asking too much: and so you have to be content with having learned something for yourself about dealing with things through your photo.
So I have now made a short text about a still life photo.
(P.S. Where is the photo culture: or have you seen movies where the film is explained in the opening or closing credits?)
from: Manfred Willmann, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1982-83